Jen’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur was anything but conventional.

Before she co-founded Super Connector Media, Jen was pursuing her dreams of becoming an actress in New York City. Her hard work and determination paid off when she landed a role in the Broadway National Tour of The Wedding Singer.

But that was just the beginning of Jen’s acting career. She went on to land a role on a hit TV series on VH1 called That Metal Show. Jen was cast as “Miss Box of Junk”, aka “The Vanna White of Rock and Roll” on a show about heavy metal music. 

There was just one little problem… Jen hated heavy metal music. 

After her show got canceled and her cheating boyfriend left her all in one week, Jen turned her breakdown into a transformative breakthrough, when she realized that sometimes sh*t happens so that shift can happen. She went on to create the fulfillment, alignment, visibility, and impact she dreamed of by finally stepping into her very own spotlight and allowing the world to truly see her. 

To date Jen has helped thousands of business owners, coaches, and experts gain the confidence and skills they need to discover their passion, be seen as their true selves, and stand confidently in their own light. 

And then somewhere along the line…

For nearly two decades, I’ve had the privilege of being at the forefront of the zeitgeist of women
stepping into their power as wellness healers, coaches and motivational speakers. It’s been an amazing journey full of incredible women—but Jen stands out.

— Gabby Bernstein, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back

I help you sew it all together.

Ultimately, what I do is PR: helping you get in Money Magazine, Oprah.com, on the stage of that major event — wherever you need to be seen to bring in the boatload
of high-ticket leads and the street cred that makes you #1 in your industry.

But along the way, I help you do that by sharpening your true Unfair
Advantage: Connection.

Connecting you with the industry people you need; with the audience you crave; with the community who’ll lift you up (and, no small thing, like and share all your stuff).

Most of all, I help you connect the dots of your story — even the weird, messy parts that are like, “Who was that person selling her dirty socks to metal heads?”

In all this talk about big hair, I haven’t mentioned: I also have a big gift for helping you leverage your own strengths and transform into the best “you.” In fact, before I joined UA, I created and ran a fitness training and high-performance mindset coaching brand. I helped celebrities, CEOs and entrepreneurs transform their bodies and, frankly, their lives. No biggie. {brushes shoulders.}

Helping clients shed up to 70 pounds was incredible, but my favorite part was seeing them shine. Beyond stepping into a smaller suit or dress, they were now stepping onto the stage, stepping in front of the camera, stepping into their full potential. And I wanted more of that.

In 2018, I joined forces (and body parts) with Chris Winfield. Yes, in one year,
I found my love…and my life’s work:

Helping entrepreneurs like you go from FOMO to famous, — so you can:

Connect to the media,
Connect to your tribe, and…
Connect to your ultimate potential.

And the kicker? I get to be on stage. Not as Annie, not as a metal chick, but as me…helping you be you. And oh yeah, you’re coming up on stage, too.

It’s funny. In January 2018, before any of this happened, my word for the
year was “Connection.”

And here we are. So let’s connect.

Introducing Jen Gottlieb, powerhouse entrepreneur, international speaker, host of the I Dare You Podcast, and co-founder of Super Connector Media – an award-winning training, events, and online education company. With a successful five-year stint as a VH1 host and a career as a Broadway actress, Jen has been making waves in the entrepreneurial world by teaching business owners how to build profitable brands and become “The Recognized Expert” in their field.

As a sought-after speaker, Jen has shared the stage with top thought-leaders and celebrities, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Marie Forleo, Eric Thomas, Emmit Smith, Snoop Dogg, and Martha Stewart. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Maxim, Goop, Women’s Health, and other major publications.

Jen’s company, Super Connector Media, was recently listed on the INC 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, and Jen herself was named one of the “Top 50 Speakers in The World” by Real Leaders Magazine.

Despite her many accolades, Jen remains a true New Yorker at heart and shares her Manhattan home with her husband Chris and their three adorable dogs, Tammie, Teddy, and King Arthur.s.


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