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EP #11

5 Entrepreneurs REVEAL Their Success SECRETS at Build Your Brand Live!

In This Episode:

We are thrilled to bring you a special episode of the Jen Gottlieb Show, recorded live at the Build Your Brand Live event in Atlanta!

For those who couldn’t join us in person, this episode captures the essence of the event with a panel of remarkable speakers who opened up about their journeys, challenges, and triumphs.

From community building to creating viral content, our guests provide invaluable and game-changing insights that you can apply to your life and business.

About my Guests:

– Kerrie Lee Brown: VP of Media and Editor-in-Chief at Success Magazine, with three decades of experience in media and publishing.

– Stormy Wellington: Renowned network marketing coach who has mentored 139 first-generation millionaires.

– Adley Kinsman: Viral content expert, averaging 1.5 billion views a month, known for her unique approach to capturing attention.

– Ben Newman: Performance coach and motivational speaker, with a background in coaching champions in sports and corporate settings.

– Jason Phillips: Founder of the Nutritional Coaching Institute, who has transformed lives through health and fitness coaching.

Key Discussion Points

Kerrie Lee Brown shares her journey in media and tips for pitching to a magazine.

Coach Stormy Wellington’s secrets to building a loyal community

Adley Kinsman’s secrets to creating viral content and the importance of a strong hook.

Ben Newman talks about the power of discipline and connecting to your inner “burn.”

Jason Phillips shares insights on the current state of online marketing and the importance of happiness and profit.

Kerrie Lee Brown on building her own personal community.

Stormy Wellington on the challenges and rewards of starting over in network marketing.

Adley Kinsman on finding your unique voice and the journey to viral success.

Ben Newman on overcoming personal struggles and achieving mental freedom.

Jason Phillips on overcoming imposter syndrome and realizing your worth.

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