What if today was the day you dared yourself to do what you've always wanted?​

Welcome to the Jen Gottlieb Show! Each week, join your host, Jen Gottlieb, for powerful, punchy episodes that will leave you inspired to dream big and live boldly. If you are ready to create change in your life, this podcast is a must-listen. Be ready to laugh, learn and take action to become who you were always meant to be. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and into your best life…one dare at a time.

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10 Incredible Books to Read in 2024

In this episode, I’m sharing my ultimate favorite non-fiction books that have truly made a difference in my life.

From returning to love to mastering social media, these books are gems that have shaped my mindset and strategies.

Train Your Brain to Do Hard Things

Join me as I answer questions on topics like how terrified I was to go live on social media at first (yes, even as a former actress!), and why pushing ourselves to do scary, uncomfortable things is vital for personal growth. I also opened up about a difficult conversation I had recently and how facing that fear head-on freed me from so much anxiety.

5 Entrepreneurs REVEAL Their Success SECRETS at Build Your Brand Live!

We are thrilled to bring you a special episode of the Jen Gottlieb Show, recorded live at the Build Your Brand Live event in Atlanta! 

For those who couldn’t join us in person, this episode captures the essence of the event with a panel of remarkable speakers who opened up about their journeys, challenges, and triumphs.

Get Ready with Me: Powerful Lessons on Rest, Discipline, and Overcoming Disappointment

I’m sharing my journey of learning to rest and heal from a back injury, and the powerful lessons it taught me about discipline, delayed gratification, and the importance of honoring our commitments to ourselves. We’ll also explore the art of receiving and celebrating our wins, and why gratitude is the key to manifesting more abundance.

Dealing with Rejection: A 5-Step Process to Turn Every "No" into a "Yes"

If you’ve ever struggled with discipline, dealt with disappointment, or found it hard to fully receive your blessings, this episode is for you. It’s time to rewrite the stories that hold us back and start harnessing our power to create the lives and businesses we desire

How Jeff Fenster Built a Multi-million Franchise with No Business Plan or Menu

Ever started a business on a whim, just to cure boredom or pursue a passion? For serial entrepreneur Jeff Fenster, that’s exactly how his wildly successful multi-million acai bowl franchise, Everbowl, was born.

But Jeff’s path to success was anything but linear. From enlisting in the Marine Corps to pursuing a law degree, Jeff tried all the ‘donkey ideas’ before stumbling upon his true unicorn. He even “retired” at a young age, only to discover that a life without purpose left him feeling unfulfilled. 

Cody Sperber’s Multimillion-Dollar Exit, AI, Love & Non Negotiables When Starting a Business

Have you ever achieved remarkable success in your career or business, only to feel a gnawing sense of emptiness and a yearning for something more profound? If so, you’re not alone.

How to Crush Your Content Creation Goals Without Burning Out

We all know the drill – you go to post something new and your mind draws a blank. The doubts start creeping in… “Is this good enough?” “Will anyone even care?” “Should I just wait until I think of something better?”

Sounds familiar? The hard truth is that all those doubts and hesitations are just limits created by fear. They’re complete BS meant to keep you playing small and invisible. 

Transform Your Love Life With This Simple Shift with Matthew Hussey

Despite coaching millions to find love, Matthew Hussey once battled an unrelenting inner critic that lacerated his self-worth at every turn. Even simple moments like his wife entering the bedroom would trigger fight-or-flight panic until he learned to be in control of his own happiness.

The Power of Pivoting: How Lori Harder Turned Her Biggest Failure into Her Greatest Success

Lori Harder, entrepreneur extraordinaire and host of the Earn Your Happy podcast, vulnerably shares the rollercoaster journey of launching a product that didn’t turn out as planned. From excitedly raising money from investors to sailing the complex world of alcohol licensing, Lori takes us behind the scenes of her experience, from the ups and downs to a point when it all turned into a nightmare.

Overwhelmed? Have No Time? Here’s Where to Start with Dan Martell

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with life that you just wanted to lock yourself in your room and watch TV for hours on end to numb the stress you’re feeling? You’re not alone. Even ultra-successful entrepreneurs can get like this.

My Top Trick to Feeling More Confident and Trusting Myself

I don’t believe that a morning routine is for everyone. It seems like everyone with a podcast or a social media following will have you believe you need a morning routine to be successful these days.

Codie Sanchez: Quarter Life Crisis to 4M Followers on Social Media, Turning Down a $100M Business

From seeing atrocities in the U.S.-Mexico border that won her journalism awards to walking away from a $100 million business, her journey has helped her view life through a unique lens.

Fear vs. Action - Why You Should Start Before You’re Ready

Put all the money, and all the cards, and everything on YOU. Do it. Why not? That’s what I did when creating The Jen Gottlieb Show. I bet on myself. If you don’t know me by now, that’s what this short episode is all about!

Q&A with Jen: How to Cultivate More Willpower, Overcome Challenges & Transition In Business

This week, Jen shares her insights on the power of engaging in hard tasks that challenge her willpower and facilitate personal growth. If you find yourself avoiding uncomfortable things, this Q&A episode is a must-listen for you.

Love The Motivation

The Daily Dose of motivation and the little nudge that we need to be better versions of ourselves. Such a great motivational podcast. I ESPECIALLY love the way she speaks on her personal accounts without coming across as braggy as so many other podcasters do. She comes from a place of genuineness and the desire to inspire others. Greatly appreciated and very motivational.


Bing Worth Content

I newly discovered Jen and find her content so valuable! Thank you for sharing yourself with the world!